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Friday, 15 October 2010

Codes and conventions of a magazine double page spread

  • one large image - usually direct address, sometimes bleeds between pages
  • smaller image about something in the article
  • large quotes - on pictures/in headline/in stand first/to break up the text
  • Drop capital and bold text - show where to start reading
  • Byline - gives credit to journalist/photographer
  • large headline - doesn't say what the articles about
  • simple colour scheme- magazines' colours
  • easy to read font
  • stand first - introduces the article, positioned under the headline
  • articles in columns - usually 2 - 4
  • strap line - very top, including subject matter
  • personality of journalist comes though - informal.

The headline of this article is a quote from the text, which draws the reader in, also the image of Lily Allen is very striking and direct address which makes the audience very interested and want to read the article, also her posture is very demanding and is almost demanding attention off the reader to read the article. The article is split into 4 columns which is started by a drop capital so the reader knows where to start reading.The article is aimed at teenagers because it is out of NME magazine which has a Target audience of teenagers, so there is a very friendly mode of address. The stand first tell the reader what the article is about and the by-line tells us the journalist and photographer.

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