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Friday, 15 October 2010

Codes and conventions of a music magazine contents page

  • same colour scheme as front cover
  • image/s of band/singers/music venues
  • columns - usually 3 or 4
  • categories- features, regulars
  • main picture relating to feature article
  • sometimes image of the front cover
  • page number/issue date/web address/magazine title
  • words that intrigue the reader
  • competition

This contents page is simple and easy to read/follow. The colour scheme from the front cover remains consistent on the contents page as suggested by the codes and conventions. It splits it’s contents into sections such a ;features and news etc, so the readers can find what they are looking for easily. The white background works wells because it allows the reader to not be distracted and to keep there attention on the text. Also the main image relates to the feature article of the magazine and has the largest sub line on the page with it. Also there is an competition on the bottom of the page which fits into the codes and conventions of a music magazines contents page.

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