Monday, 29 November 2010

Article Research

Interview Questions
What is it about lily allen that you like?
What is your favourite song by lily allen and why?
Tell me about Lily Allen concert that you went to.
What makes you a dedicated fan to lily allen?
What is it about Lilys music that you enjoy?

  • Lily Rose Beatrice Allen
  • 2 May 1985
  • Pop singer/songwriter/muscian
  • Labels : Regal - 2006-2010 Capitol - 2007-2010
  • Albums : Alright still, Its not me its you

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Front Cover -
make avatar

Make avatar

This is the photograph i have choosen to use because i believe it conveys the POP genre.

Contents Page -
make avatar

Make avatar

Make avatar

These images will be used on my contents page because they link to the articles and give my magazine the POP genre look.
Double Page Spread -
make avatar

This is the image i will use on my double page spread because it is Lily Allen performing which is the main topic of my article

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


This is a sketch of what i intend my front cover to look like

This is a sketch of what i intend for my contents page to look like

This is a sketch of what i intend my double page spread to look like

Monday, 8 November 2010

Planning Production

Front cover images:
Female Pop singer
Ipod and headphones

Katy Perry lets her colours burst
Gugu for Gaga
Shake it like Shakira
Lily Allen's smile
P!NK is still a rockstar
Why the wanted are so, wanted.

Contents Page Text:
2 Bieber fever
JB popped in to share his
4 Katy Perry
How shes living her teenage dream
6 Shake it like Shakira
Shakira releases her ‘she-wolf’
8 Gugu for Gaga
Can’t keep a poker face when it comes to lady gaga?
10 Lily’s smile
Lily in the eyes of her adoring fans
12 The Wanted
Filling their fans heart vacancys
14 Professor Green
How he wants a woman to just be good to green
16 Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole on her new US success and how she still loves the UK
18 P!NK
Shes still a rockstar!
20 Alexis Jordan’s break-though
New top star? Let’s see
22 Example won’t go quietly
His love for music kick-starts again
24Sugababes, over a decade on
Find out thier secret
26 Jedwards quick fix
Madonna, K$SHA and Glee!
27Top tens of the month
Albums, Singles, Artist Etc.
29 X Factor
This weeks latest gossip on the hottest programme
30 Love your iPod
Your iPod loves you, love it.
31 Stars wardrobes
Sneak peak what they’re
32 Best kept secret
What the don’t  want us to know
33 Reviews
What’s hot and what’s not
34 Concerts and Gigs
Who, when and where
36 Have Your say
Your emails, letter and texts
38 New stars on the rise
See the new stars on the scene
40 WIN with HIPPOP
42 Saturdays poster
44 The wanted Poster

Editors letter

Images for Contents Page:
girl playing keyboard
Photo of Lily Allen
Photo of Example
iPod and headphones

Double Pge spread + images needed:
Photo Of Lily Allen

Friday, 5 November 2010

Publication Plan

Title:  HIP POP (Ravie)

Positioning Statement: Bringing the hip into pop.

Frequency Of Publication: Monthly

Price: £2.00

Distribution: Newsagents, Supermarkets, Music Shops

Rationale: The approach of the magazine is from the pop music listeners perspective, it will offer information, reviews, interviews and articles on current popular music stars.

Style: Informal, friendly, approiate for teenage girls. Simple vocabulary.

Images will be the dominant feature of layouts.

Regular Content
  • Forum of regular readers
  • Reviews of music
  • Top ten's
  • X Factor secrets
  • Editors Letter
  • Top Concerts in the UK
Feauture Content
  • Gugu for Gaga
  • Lily Allen performs with Example
  • Katy Perry lets her colours burst
  • Justin Bieber time
  • Taylor Swifts real love story
  • Miley gets Smiley
  • Cheryl Cole - a day in the life
  • The Wanted  are wanted
  • Take That, back for good?
  • Cant get Kylie out of my head
  • Shake it like Shakira
  • Up and coming bands of 2011
  • Our lives would suck without Kelly Clarkson
  • The Sugababes chart success over a decade on.
  • The Saturdays show us how it's done
  • Scissor Sisters spice up the charts
  • P!NK is still a rockstar
House Style
Coverlines: Calibri (Body) and  Calibri (Body)
Headlines: Frankline Gothic Demi (Bold)
Standfirst: Calibri (Italics)Captions:Calibri (Italics)
Features First Paragraph:

  • Drop Capital  Frankline Gothic Demi (Bold)
  • 4 lines deep
  • First word in capitals
News first paragraph: First word in BOLD CAPITALS
Body Text: Calibri (Body)
Colour Scheme: Pink, Blue.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Audience Research - Results and Conclusions

How often do/would you buy music magazines?
This shows that 12 out of 20 of my target audience buy/would buy magazines monthly, so i shall make my frequency of publication, monthly.

How much do/would you pay for a music magazine?
 This shows me that the target audience currently pay/would pay £2-£3 for a music magazine so i shall make my magazine a similar price to this or slightly less so it can compete with rival magazines.

What Magazine do you currently read/consider reading?
The most common music magazine currently for my target audience is Q, so i will have my magazine have a similar style to Q.

Who is your current favourite band or singer?

The most popular singer with my target audience is katy perry so i shall have an article within my magazine about her, also McFly are the most popular band so i shall also have an article about them.
What do you dislike about music magazines?
This shows me the things that my target audience dislike about music magazines so i will make sure to avoid these when making my magazine.

What do you like about music magazines?
This shows me the things my target audience enjoy about music magazines so i will include these things in my magazine.
On a scale of one to five, one being the most important, how important are the following things
  • Pictures
  • Gifts
  • Competitions
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
This shows me that the most people found that pictures were the most important thing and the least amount of people found reviews to be the most important thing, Gifts and Reviews were equally seen as unimportant.
What are your 3 favourite colours?
Pink, Black and blue are overall my targets audiences 3 favourite colour so i shall bare that in mind when producing my music magazine.

What words come to mind when you think of POP music magazines?

i will use these words to think of an approiate title for my magazine.

How do you get your music?
Who, if any, have you been to see in concert in the past year?

This will show me who my target audience really enjoy listening to so i can include them in my magazine.