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Monday, 8 November 2010

Planning Production

Front cover images:
Female Pop singer
Ipod and headphones

Katy Perry lets her colours burst
Gugu for Gaga
Shake it like Shakira
Lily Allen's smile
P!NK is still a rockstar
Why the wanted are so, wanted.

Contents Page Text:
2 Bieber fever
JB popped in to share his
4 Katy Perry
How shes living her teenage dream
6 Shake it like Shakira
Shakira releases her ‘she-wolf’
8 Gugu for Gaga
Can’t keep a poker face when it comes to lady gaga?
10 Lily’s smile
Lily in the eyes of her adoring fans
12 The Wanted
Filling their fans heart vacancys
14 Professor Green
How he wants a woman to just be good to green
16 Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole on her new US success and how she still loves the UK
18 P!NK
Shes still a rockstar!
20 Alexis Jordan’s break-though
New top star? Let’s see
22 Example won’t go quietly
His love for music kick-starts again
24Sugababes, over a decade on
Find out thier secret
26 Jedwards quick fix
Madonna, K$SHA and Glee!
27Top tens of the month
Albums, Singles, Artist Etc.
29 X Factor
This weeks latest gossip on the hottest programme
30 Love your iPod
Your iPod loves you, love it.
31 Stars wardrobes
Sneak peak what they’re
32 Best kept secret
What the don’t  want us to know
33 Reviews
What’s hot and what’s not
34 Concerts and Gigs
Who, when and where
36 Have Your say
Your emails, letter and texts
38 New stars on the rise
See the new stars on the scene
40 WIN with HIPPOP
42 Saturdays poster
44 The wanted Poster

Editors letter

Images for Contents Page:
girl playing keyboard
Photo of Lily Allen
Photo of Example
iPod and headphones

Double Pge spread + images needed:
Photo Of Lily Allen

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