Friday, 5 November 2010

Publication Plan

Title:  HIP POP (Ravie)

Positioning Statement: Bringing the hip into pop.

Frequency Of Publication: Monthly

Price: £2.00

Distribution: Newsagents, Supermarkets, Music Shops

Rationale: The approach of the magazine is from the pop music listeners perspective, it will offer information, reviews, interviews and articles on current popular music stars.

Style: Informal, friendly, approiate for teenage girls. Simple vocabulary.

Images will be the dominant feature of layouts.

Regular Content
  • Forum of regular readers
  • Reviews of music
  • Top ten's
  • X Factor secrets
  • Editors Letter
  • Top Concerts in the UK
Feauture Content
  • Gugu for Gaga
  • Lily Allen performs with Example
  • Katy Perry lets her colours burst
  • Justin Bieber time
  • Taylor Swifts real love story
  • Miley gets Smiley
  • Cheryl Cole - a day in the life
  • The Wanted  are wanted
  • Take That, back for good?
  • Cant get Kylie out of my head
  • Shake it like Shakira
  • Up and coming bands of 2011
  • Our lives would suck without Kelly Clarkson
  • The Sugababes chart success over a decade on.
  • The Saturdays show us how it's done
  • Scissor Sisters spice up the charts
  • P!NK is still a rockstar
House Style
Coverlines: Calibri (Body) and  Calibri (Body)
Headlines: Frankline Gothic Demi (Bold)
Standfirst: Calibri (Italics)Captions:Calibri (Italics)
Features First Paragraph:

  • Drop Capital  Frankline Gothic Demi (Bold)
  • 4 lines deep
  • First word in capitals
News first paragraph: First word in BOLD CAPITALS
Body Text: Calibri (Body)
Colour Scheme: Pink, Blue.

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